Where real estate developers turn to understand technology

Whether new or an acquisition / rehab project, you need to be thinking about the Internet.

How are people going to access it?



Plugging into an ethernet jack?

What kinds of devices will they be using?


For what?

These days, as a developer, you must consider these technology questions.

Any you must answer them.

You must have a technology plan.


That’s because making sure people have access to the Internet today is as important as making sure they have electricity.

Having this kind of focus on getting technology right is a new responsibility for developers.

That’s why I put together this website: to help developers start thinking about their plan AND avoid the expensive pitfalls.

I was a developer myself once, for nearly 15 years.

I fell into many expensive pits. Sometimes I was even pushed.

(Tech sales people trying to “hit their number” can be ruthless.)

Take advantage of what I learned. Avoid making expensive mistakes out of ignorance.

Don’t miss an opportunity because you don’t have a plan.

Have a look at my “White Papers and Articles” (see below).

Then, if you have any questions? Please drop me a line.

Bookmark this website. Take down my contact information below.

I’m happy to talk through anything that crosses your mind.

No matter the real estate vertical, I’ll be surprised if I can’t help.

— Braden Copeland