BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL – Getting News Inside the Chart Application

A quick peek at the power of the news utility inside the chart application on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service. (Scroll down for the short video.)

This is just one of, oh, about 10,000 ways I use the service. Your editor would, without question, be at an incredible disadvantage without it.

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Saturday: The Day After China’s Interest Rate Surprise

Really quick… Is mobile data the crude oil of the 21st Century? WSJ story about what’s happening in Europe. Wireless auction in U.S. caught everyone by surprise. Just like in 20th more machines burning oil… More machines burning bandwidth. A whole lot more level 4. Text, color and images, audio, moving images with audio…. When was the last time you visited a site that was black and white? Continue reading Saturday: The Day After China’s Interest Rate Surprise

Monday: Asian Trade Meetings Underway

Here are some notes I made earlier this year about a potential sovereign debt credit crisis. The interview was on Bloomberg radio and the guest was an old school bond trader from Lehman.

– New subprime is sovereign debt. Central banks are driving capital into weaker credits with the ultra-low interest rates. The amount of money flowing into high yield ETFs is a concern because the real book behind them is not capable of handling the liquidity in them… these guys are on phones. The runs could have dire consequences. Shadow banking: appearance of liquidity in an illiquid market. CAn’t see how they’ll sell the bonds fast enough to get the money bank in the high yield ETFs. In old days, traders may have had a $500 million balance sheet to provide flexibility. Now they have no balance sheet.  Also troubled by the fact that (take Argentina) governments are starting to pick winners and losers. This is something new since the global financial crisis. Over time, investors are going to have less and less faith in government.

The big news this week comes Thursday morning (jobless claims at 8:30 am ) and Friday morning (retail sales at 8:30 am). Import and export prices on Friday morning (8:30 am) will be worth watching. Consumer Sentiment, later on Friday, I expect to stay flat. Here’s the schedule for the week:



Sunday: A Collection of Last Week’s Headlines

Monday, 11/3

* Dollar Gains on U.S. Outlook as Bonds Rise While Stocks Decline

* LabCorp to Buy Covance for $6.1 Billion to Add Contract Research

* HSBC Drops After Profit Misses Estimates, Takes Currency Charge

* U.K. Factory Growth Accelerates as Euro Area Struggles: Economy

* ECB Skips Fireworks for Day One of New Role as Supervisor

* Republicans Have Edge in U.S. Vote With Senate Too Close to Call Continue reading Sunday: A Collection of Last Week’s Headlines

Thursday: More US Stock Records After Republican Win Tuesday

[WSJ] “US Stocks Climb to New Highs After Vote” Earnings season has been positive so far and is wrapping up. Oil has plummeted yet the Dow has gained 8.5%. Global growth worries have not held off the rise in shares. The Japanese stimulus has helped. Jobs report out of ADP positive. Data is showing economic expansion but likely to contain low inflation. S&P earning growth on track for 8% for Q3 vs. 4.5% expected.

[WSJ] “Gold, Silver Prices Slide to 4½-Year Lows” Kuroda’s announcement to increase asset purchases to eliminate deflation and boost growth sent dollar higher against yen, monetary easing weakening currency as low rates make it less attractive to hold. This makes precious metals priced in dollars more expensive for foreign holders to hold. Drives prices down. If Fed raises rates this will also benefit the dollar. This should stave off inflation… and the reason to hold gold (positive real interest rates may be coming… or, at least, a departure from negative ones).  Most economies are worried about deflation just as US may be worried about shunting what little inflation there is. Roaring stock market has pulled people out of gold, too.