Progressive Communications, Inc. — What You Need to Know

I recently joined Macon, GA-based Progressive Communications, Inc. as a New Business Development and Account Manager.


Progressive Communications, Inc.’s specialty is building and maintaining both wired and wireless networks and providing reliable and consistent bandwidth to the end users of its clients (education, healthcare, hospitality, residential, governments, etc.).

From the fiber backbone in the street to the wireless signal reaching the end user, soup to nuts, Progressive does it all: fiber optic cabling (exterior and interior); interior Ethernet cabling; wired and wireless network and VoIP equipment installation, set-up and on-going management; monitoring of functioning systems in our Network Operations Center (“NOC”) to ensure the best user experience.

Progressive also sizes and provisions clients’ digital circuits to ensure they are getting the best value. Progressive then monitors these circuits at its NOC 24x7x365 to ensure clients receive the connection to the backbone for which they are paying.

The company does business throughout the United States and internationally.

If your organization is having “network issues”, PLEASE let me know. I’m CERTAIN we can help.